AT the Cutting Room April 2016 with Danny Seraphine.

A 2015/2016 commercial for Old Spice that I'm singing on. Music by Kerry Smith and Marmoset.


Susan Calloway and I threw down some backing vocals for this Faith Hill track for NBC's SNF. 
Produced by Yessian's Gerard Smerek. 

A 2017 commercial I did a load of multitracked vocals for, by Song Zu Australia. Other singers included Adrian Payne and Reigan Derry. 

If you want to specifically hear me sing, Most of the vocal tracks elsewhere on the site feature my voice, but for your convenience, below are a couple of medleys of some vocal recordings, some recordings with character/tonal variety, and a few videos too.

Character Voices - A sample of vocal palette options:

I recorded this song for Darren Solomon's "Science For Girls" at Bigfoote's Manhattan studio up in the sky above Union Square. 

Lindsay Jehan and I did this song with Human Worldwide. I'm singing, Lindsay's on guitars/bass/keys. Bill Schnee is on drums. 

Going way back with this one. When Foxtel Australia launched I was singing on all the spots. Then they asked me to appear in this video. Had a blast filming it at Luna Park in Sydney.

"I'll Dream of You" from the Aussie show 'Water Rats' (it's Frank's last scene). Written by Mark Rivett, sung by myself, recorded at Song Zu, Sydney.

A spot for Geico that I sang on. Music by Matt Veligdan.


Back in the mid 90's a fellow Sydney singer Maggie and I recorded some backing vocals for Savage Garden's debut album, recorded in producer Charles Fisher's Rose Bay studio. They were nice guys, nice songs.
Months later Charles and I chatted on the phone and he casually said "Oh by the way, your voice is all over the radio". For 'I want you' was getting a ton of airplay. I said "I remember that session…. when are you releasing the album?"

"After the fourth single" he replied. 

Here's one of the tunes we recorded: